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You can be confident when you choose to work with WAF that every detail will be handled. Leaving the legalities and details of your finances to us will free up precious time for your other development projects. WAF provides a wealth of services, including:


Financial management such as, but not limited to:

  • Accounting details.

  • Assisting in the creation of gift plans.

  • Undertaking the distribution of gifts. 

  • Issuance and management of charitable gift annuities. A charitable gift annuity is intended to benefit the donor, or annuitant, and the charitable entity. WAF will analyze how the annuity can best be issued for both parties. Our goal is to come up with the most beneficial solution for all those involved.

  • Preparing and filing taxes.

  • Developing donor lists. 

  • Managing donor files.

  • Managing endowments. 

  • Providing education.

  • Assisting with investments. 

  • Development and management of charitable remainder trusts. The number of variables for this irrevocable trust are virtually limitless. That’s where WAF comes in—to advise with gift and tax planning. In addition, we can manage the trust throughout its duration. 

We also can assist donors in helping them make gifts to the charities of their choice. While we don’t offer legal advice to donors, we can explain how various gift options may be beneficial. The foundation does not draft instruments which provide a gift to itself.

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